Ferris Wheel
We consult, we design, we develop.
Corporate Identity. Brand Communication. Web and Digital Solutions. Product Design.
About Us
Over a decade of styling brands and narrating their stories through visual media.
Like a person, a company has a unique identity as well – a persona it embodies through the shared values of its people, a story developing along its journey that is waiting to be told, an image it wishes to project to the world. We give this identity a visual form through well-crafted designs that manifest in diverse forms and across varied media.
Ferris Wheel has had over a decade long journey of its own. During this period we have crafted designs for newly formed companies as well as established brands looking to give a visual form to a fresh narrative. Our personalized design work methodology sits well with our clients and has seen our association with them become stronger over the years.
Design Solutions

Logo + Identity Design

Name and Baseline, Logo and Design Language, Brand Guidelines, Stationary Design etc.

Communication + Collateral

Brand Communication, Marketing and Promotion Collateral, Press Dockets, Packaging Design, Digital Profiles and Presentations

Web Design + Development

CMS Website Development (WordPress, Magento), Custom UI/UX Design and Development

Digital Marketing + Promotion

Social Media Management, EDM Design and Mailing Solutions, Content Development, Ghost Blog Writing

Product Design

We have recently entered this arena. Some really cool stuff coming soon!!